Access Control Systems for gate access applications including self-storage, parking garages, and industrial facilities.



When choosing a keypad access system for your Self-Storage facility or other gate application, there are a few things you want to look for; reliability, ease of use, quality, and the support that comes with it. Revenue Control Systems is a company founded on the idea of keeping our customers satisfied by providing the highest quality equipment and support at an affordable price. This combination of high quality equipment and superior customer support sets Revenue Control Systems apart from other large brands in this industry.

RCS History:

Revenue Control Systems was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and support.

We were unhappy with the existing level of support provided from the 'national' access control system manufacturers. Beginning in 2005 we started the development of our own line of access control system equipment. U-Flash, On-Site and Air-Pad are Revenue Control Systems complementing access control system product lines which are designed specifically for gate access applications. The designs of these systems incorporate over 30 years of access control field service and installation experience of our founder Steve Marciante. Our systems are designed to be easy for users and facility managers to operate, to be robust to stand up to the demands of gate access installations, to be easy to service and install and most of all, for Revenue Control Systems to provide 24/7 fast and free technical phone support.

"Just Call Us!"

You may not know that other manufactures use third party system hardware (circuit boards) and software developers. One of them actually uses an off the shelf controller board (manufactured overseas) that is commonly used by electronic hobbyists for tinkering at home!

All of Revenue Control Systems hardware and software is developed and supported by Revenue Control Systems "in house" specifically for the self storage industry.

About RCS:

With over 30 years of technical experience in the access control industry, Steve Marciante has incorporated his detailed knowledge of access systems to design a user friendly and easily serviced line of access control equipment built 100% in the United States. Steve was able to identify an area of the Self-Storage access control industry that needed improvement and has addressed those issues with his own brand of equipment. Starting off as a small operation, RCS access systems were installed and tested in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia at several locations, and now has spread to become a national brand competing with the big names in the Self-Storage access industry. Revenue Control Systems has installers and distributors nationwide, and continues to grow this network. With hundreds of our systems currently operating in the field we are confident we can continue to help our customers upgrade to a simple to use, robust access system that will allow them to keep their property secure for years to come.


Our company is unlike the big brands in the access control industry, we pride ourselves in having a personal touch that lets our customers know we care about them beyond the sale. We provide 24/7 fast and free customer phone support to help solve any problem you may have or any question you need answered. We know how valuable this is to a business. We know if your system is not functioning correctly it can negatively affect your operations causing bigger problems. We are always available to solve your problems as fast as possible and ensure your system is running smoothly. Throughout the years we have noticed this level of support has been a large factor in customer retention and acquisition, but that’s not why we do it. Our customers feel confident they can always reach us if a problem arises and fix it quickly. In this day and age it is a rare commodity and we are proud to say we still operate with the goal of keeping our customers satisfied throughout our relationship.

More Information:

As we continue to grow we have seen a steady increase in sales and interest in our access systems nationally and a large portion of this market identify our company as a lower cost and superior alternative, with impeccable customer support. Our goal is to grow while retaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Revenue Control Systems products are designed, developed, and supported from our offices in Williamsburg, Virginia. Additionally all manufacturing is done in Virginia and must pass multiple quality control tests before they leave our facility. Incorporating knowledge from over 30 years of field service and installation experience with gate and access control systems, we have developed the most user friendly and dependable systems possible. The design of our equipment allows for easy replacement of modular components instead of replacing the whole unit. Not only does this help your service technician but also helps keep system cost down.

RCS Access Equipment:

RCS has a variety of products designed to fit any self-storage application. We manufacture two system types; an "on-line", wired system as well as a unique stand-alone system. Both system types interface with popular self-storage management programs.

Our wired system, On-Site, uses industry standard communication wiring which allows for easy installation and replacement of existing systems. This system is great for the Self-Storage industry because we have incorporated many unique features in the system that allow for better management of your facility. We listened to what our customers wanted and added many features to help streamline facility operations. We are also able to adapt different features or create a company specific feature easily if you would like an added feature. This is a benefit of being a smaller manufacturer, we are able to generate specific features for our customers if they desire, in a very short time period.

We also manufacture a stand-alone system, U-Flash. This product is unique to the industry and requires no communication wires or internet connection with expensive monthly fees. It uses a USB flash disk to update and program codes into the keypad and retrieve transactions logs from the keypad. This is great for sites where it would be difficult or costly to run wires out to the keypad, or if the facility is across the streeet or miles away from the main office. Simply update the tenant codes to a flash disk from the office computer then insert the updated flash disk into the USB port within the keypad and the unit will automatically update all codes within 30 seconds. There are no buttons to press! All transactions will be recorded to the flash disk within the keypad. When you are ready to retrieve this information all you need to do is switch the existing disk in the unit with a current disk. The disk you have removed from the unit can be plugged into your office computer and will download all the transactions to our software.

All our systems come with our access control software, KP-Control. This software is extremely easy to use and understand. Most of the features are located on the home screen and have easily identifiable labels. KP-Control can interface with many popular Self-Storage management programs, allowing you to easily update your tenant’s codes into our software. KP-Control is included free when you purchase any of our systems, which saves you hundreds of dollars on software when compared to the competition. We also provide free software updates extending throughout the life of your system.

We know a relationship between you and Revenue Control Systems will be beneficial one and would appreciate the opportunity to show you how we can improve your facilities operations, as well as save your company money. We are more than willing to provide a demonstration of our access systems as well as a list of current customers who you may speak with about their experience with RCS systems. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have further questions. We hope to hear from you soon.

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