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 Introducing the U-FLASH Access Controller. This keypad or prox card reader is the hardware behind an access control system that can manage entry to remote locations or any other access controlled location using USB flash drives. U-FLASH is available in a single or dual configuration, perfect for entry/exit applications. It is easy to program valid users and track activity at up to 32 access points (64 with dual units). Communication wires are not needed when installing the U-FLASH controller. You still get the same functionality of an “on-line” access system and save thousands of dollars in installation and internet service fees. Great for parking garages, remote buildings and Self-Storage facilities (interfaces with popular self-storage management software). All valid users and user activity logs are stored on a USB flash drive. The transaction activity logs are copied to your office computer. No special programming device is needed to update the U-FLASH unit.

Up to 5000 user codes (up to 10 digits long) or cards can be programmed into the controller with the flash drive using the included software, which will automatically update user status by date. Our software, KP-Control, can import real-time changes to the user database from a third party user management program.

KP-Control software can also manage multiple sites with different user databases from one screen. If your facility has a satellite location with a different set of users, it is simple to differentiate between locations with the 'multiple sites' function. Allowing you to choose what location a new user is added to.

U-FLASH controls access by time and day of the week (Time Zones) and by user account status. Also included is delayed code activation with auto expiration date (for visitors). If the site has multiple access locations the system can control access by location. For parking applications there is both Timed and Hard antipassback functions. The controller has programmable relay activation timers, which can hold open the gate or door automatically at times you wish. It also has a manual relay override mode to open or lock the door or gate.

The U-FLASH  controller includes a 2 line by 20 character OLED display to present users with their name, account status message and time and date. Mounted in the powder-coated aluminum faceplate is the industrial grade keypad with illuminated metal buttons.

The Hardware and software are manufactured in the United States by Revenue Control Systems and includes a two-year warranty.  

The U-FLASH Access Controller is a new way to manage your access-controlled facility. Designed to be dependable and to be easy to use and maintain user data. The keypad/card reader looks and functions like an expensive “on-line” system at a much lower cost. 

  • Uses a standard USB flash drive
  • Time and date stamped transactions
  • Two Wiegand inputs w/relays
  • 6 digit setup and override Password
  • Up to 64 access controlled locations
  • Local door alarm output
  • Relay activation time: 1-9999 sec.
  • Enable Keypad and/or Card Reader
  • Timed or Hard Anti-passback
  • Enter Key: *, # or Both
  • Surge protection on power, inputs and wiegand    connections
  • Arming Input / Door Contact Input
  • Egress Input
  • Setup Programmable via Flash Drive
  • Programmable relay timers

Specifications: 
  • Max User codes/Cards: 5000
  • Max code length: 10 digit
  • Auto expire/activation by date (visitors)
  • Auto user status management
  • Max Time Zones: unlimited
  • Optional Prox Card Reader(s)
  • Auto Relay Timers: 2 per day
  • Max log file size : unlimited
  • Code check response delay: 0-3 sec.
  • On board Real Time Clock
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • 15 year clock battery
  • 2 line by 20 character display
  • Daylight readable display
  • Industrial grade metal keypad buttons
  • Illuminated keypad buttons
  • Powder Coated aluminum enclosure
  • Input voltage: 12 to 24 VAC or VDC
  • Current usage : 300 mA
  • Size: 6” wide x 9” high x 5” depth
  • Wiegand inputs: 2  

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