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RCS ON-SITE Keypad Controller: This keypad or prox card reader controller is the hardware behind an access control system designed for self storage facilities. It is easy to program valid users and track activity at controlled access locations via an industry standard wired communication network (RS485). The unit is built for ease of customer use and service dependability. The ON-SITE controller includes an industrial grade, back-lit keypad, two line customer display and powder coated aluminum enclosure. The controller board is protected with heavy-duty surge protection devices on both the power and communications inputs. It has also been designed for easy field service of replacement parts if needed. Additionally the controller may be powered by 12-24 volts AC or DC which makes it easy to retrofit into existing locations. 

The system control software, KP-Control, is very user friendly and easy to use. All the controls, information and reports are on the home screen. KP-Control interfaces with most popular self-storage management software programs, so no double data entry is needed. All valid users and user activity logs are uploaded/downloaded through the wired communications network in real time. The software includes remote gate control, time zones, access zones, customer status, on site customer display, activity and database reports, real time system status and more. KP-Control can manage up to 2000 tenants  with codes up to ten digits long and will automatically update tenant information changes from a third party management software program. When KP-Control is configured with the management software interface, input of tenant data is disabled in KP-Control for increased revenue control accounting. KP-Control may also be used directly to manage tenant data when not configured with a management interface. 

KP-Control downloads the tenant data and uploads the activity transaction events via the System Manager Controller (SYSMAN). The SYSMAN will store all the information for the system to be fully functional while the office computer is off.

KP-Control software can also manage multiple sites with different user databases from one screen. If your facility has a satellite location with a different set of users, it is simple to differentiate between locations with the 'multiple sites' function. Allowing you to choose what location a new user is added to.

KP-Control controls access by time and day of the week (Time Zones) and by user account status. Also included is delayed code activation with auto expiration date (for visitors). If the site has multiple access locations the system can control access by location. KP-Control has programmable relay activation timers, which can hold open the gate automatically at times you wish. 

The entire system is designed to be dependable, easy to use and is manufactured in the United States by Revenue Control Systems.


  • Wired RS485 Communication Network
  • Max User codes/Cards: 2000
  • Max code length: 10 digit
  • Auto expire/activation by date (visitors)
  • Max Time Zones: 99
  • Optional Prox Card Reader
  • Auto Relay Timers: 4 per day
  • Max code check response delay: 4 sec.
  • On board Real Time Clock w/DST
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • 15 year clock battery
  • Illuminated keypad buttons
  • Powder Coated aluminum box
  • Input voltage: 12 to 24 VAC or VDC
  • Current usage : 300 mA         
  • 4.5” wide x 4.5” high x 2.25” depth
  • Optional intercom w/ high output speaker
  • Optional Elevator Access Controller
  • Optional Phone App for gate access
  • Optional remote activity log viewing

Most importantly Revenue Control Systems provides FAST and direct customer support.

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Cell Phone Entry

Download RCS Codice! app info PDF
Download RCS Codice! app from Google Play Store
Revenue Control Systems has technology that allows customers to enter a facility with one click on their cell phone device. No need to type in a code to the keypad unit.

RCS Codice! App

Revenue Control Systems ON-SITE access controllers have the optional capability to use our Codice! Phone App to access a facility without entering a code on the keypad unit.
This allows a customer to enter their code via our phone app as they drive up to the gate. The customer will simply download the Codice! app to their device from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Each facility will have a required activation code to allow access for only that location. After the activation code has been entered, the customer will see the app home screen for the facility they are storing with. The app will let the customer enter their code and click send when they are in close proximity to the keypad unit, allowing the gate to open. There is no need to enter their code on the physical keypad. We are able to personalize each facility’s app with buttons of your choice such as, allowing the customer to pay their rent, visit the facility website, and more all from the Codice! App.

Download RCS Codice! app from Apple App Store

Android Home Screen

Apple Home Screen